Austin Morris Day

Celebrating its 23rd year, Brooklands test hill is the venue for all things Austin and Morris, with a little flexibility to allow the odd MG and Wolseley. Hosted by Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, the prestigious former racetrack with its famous banking puts together 200 of the UKs most popular and loved British brands.

The venue also has a long and proud history with aviation, and the backdrop and serene calm nature of the venue has an air of war-time history which is fitting for the large amount of the older cars on display. Owners are also invited to pose by their cars on the bank at the end of the day, providing the owners a unique photographic opportunity.

The long running event originally catered just for pre-war cars, its roots are still very strong.

The embankment provides the end of day photoshoot opportunity for owners.

Both Austin and Morris have a legacy of commercial vehicles.

Another damp event that didn’t deter the impressive array of cars attending.

A section reserved for classic Minis provided a little shelter.

A Rover by name, but spiritually every inch an Austin.

BL’s biggest seller of the ’70s are now scarce these days.

Brooklands has many period buildings, which add to the ambiance.

This Austin 7 racer could have well been seen on the original track in the ’30s.

The motorsports pedigree runs deep in both Austin and Morris.