Stondon Transport Museum

Acollection of cars which was considered one of the biggest of the time sadly closed its doors in 2015. The combination of high rates and low attendance contributed towards its demise, which at one point hosted over 400 vehicles over 8 sections. Stondon is located in the heart of Bedfordshire, and hid what really should have been recognised as a tourist attraction.

Created in 1994, owner John Saunders created a wide and varied collection which not only covered the usual classic sports car but a large percentage of vehicles were humble bread and butter cars. Sadly he passed away in 2013 and the collection was earmarked to be broken up.

The entire collection, however, were auctioned off which at least saved some of the cars, but years of inactivity combined with less than ideal storage condition meant several cars were best considered as spares. For those who visited the venue will remember the tight compact spaces were cars were literally bumper to bumper – not particularly useful for photography and certain section were leaking but what it did offer was a nostalgic corner of automotive history full of charm.