Stonor VW

Along running event deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, Stonor Park, hear Henley has held a Volkswagen rally for over 30 years. Consistently attracting the best of the marque, the opportunities to win an award is high thanks to the specific judging categories.

Working in collaboration with five VW clubs, the event attracts a wider number of smaller clubs and owners. A family oriented show, with the usual visitor attractions also attracts a wide selection of both Air Cooled and Water Cooled Volkswagens, and the companies wider brands.

The VW scene has changed in the last 20 years, but the staple Beetle will always be associated with the brand.

This Caddy was a novelty, reversing the trend to increase, rather than decrease the stance of the car.

it’s quite likely that this youngster has only known VWs in his life, and will no doubt continue the legacy.

Tasteful decoration and lively interior furnishing inside this Split screen camper van.

Not quite what it seems, this Allegro is simply sitting on a VW chassis.

Making the most of the warmth.

One the first water cooled VWs to become embedded in the scene, 70’s Golfs have become highly sought after.

Due to the association with the VW brand, Audi’s, particularly the earlier models have their own niche in the VW scene.

The trade stands offer almost everything you might need for your VW. Part of the fun is the haggling.

Rare 4WD crewcab version of the Transporter illustrates VW’s versatile range.