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Held on the grounds of the country house in Weston Park, the April event was subject to a typical British hazard – the weather. The grounds had been subject to both heavy rain and a hard frost. Nonetheless, with a slightly reduced turnout the event went ahead and the day proved to be a worthwhile occasion.

Prizes were available for various categories, which reflects the huge array of vehicles that were seen. A show that will be worth revisting thanks to it’s reach into the Shropshire countryside and beyond.

This speckled bug has a genuine finish that would be the envy of many ratlookers. The car has been owned by the same family for much of its life.

A late attendee in this mint and desirable Renault 5 Gordini. Sold as the Alpine in the rest of Europe, the Alpine had already been regsitered by Chrysler for use in the UK, hence the Gordini name.

A convincing replica of Knight Riders Pontiac Firebird, complete with grill lights.

Surprisingly hard to see these days, the Opel Rekord was the same as the Vauxhall Carlton and was not officially sold in the UK, which may suggest an Irish import.

Another hardworking survivor, this perfect period piece Morris van was a genuine treat to spot in this condition.

Another delightful commercial vehicle that could have come from another era. This long nosed Transit and Anglia was a neat combo.

The ability to make the most of the situation is a hardy trait of the classic car owner.

A pre-war MG in front of a BMW owners club shoot opportunity in front of Weston Manor.

Inspecting the finer points of a imported Lancia Fulvia.

Underated as classic cars, these durable 99’s excellent starter classics.