Wheels day

An exceptionally soggy event presented visitors with a memorable Wheels day this year. Organised by the Surrey Street Rodders, the awful weather did not put off the loyal supporters and classic car owner of the event, despite a high percentage of car needed assistance to leave the venue to the waterlogged grass display area.

The long running event was originally created for owners of custom and American cars, but now open it’s event to all types of classic and retro cars. Held at Rushmoor Arena in Aldershot every Good Friday, the event acts as a welcome start to the season for classic car owners and fans. The event caters for families, with stalls, boot sales as well as attractions to occupy familles.

A fair representation of the cars that attended the day.

A surprise attendee in the form if this early Toyota Corona.

A deeply modified Standard, sensibly parked close to hard standing.

Despite the weather, the show still finished the day with awards and commendations.

Ideal vehicle under the circumstances, these were originally used in country locations.

Plenty of people will to help push the cars off the grass…

..but even some of the 4×4 vehicles struggled to find traction!

A slice of the American dream.

Not many cars stayed to the end, the rain really got to the crowds and many stayed away this year.