JDM Combe

Held at the illustrious Castle Combe track, the event combines the best of static and motorsports in one venue. With over 50 clubs in attendance, with live drifting and track racing, the event is one of the more exciting JDM events in the UK.

Being a well maintained active racetrack, owners are also offered the opportunity to book a track session. There is a show and shine section, as well as a trade village catering for the loyal jdm tuning and accessories market. Like other JDM events, it attracts an healthy mix of both retro and modern cars, with club stands being of particular interest.

The Datsun Club UK always has a strong presence at JDM Combe.

The Show and Shine area had a tasteful selection of cars.

Plenty of track action to watch.

This imported Carina Turbo is a rarity in the UK as it is a Japan only model.

A genuine rarity in the UK these days, this MK1 Mazda 323 facelift model travelled from Birmingham.

The Mitsubishi Galant has an credible rally pedigree, carving the way for the successful Lancer.

A classic Mazda RX7 poses, while it’s successor the RX8 zooms past.

Drift cars continue to appreciate in value, with the better examples now being kept away from the track.

The Mazda MX5 is still plentiful and cheap to buy, but it will only be a matter of time before values firm up.

This Honda NSX Demo track car is genuine supercar with everyday driving manners.