Held at the start of summer at the world famous Goodwood racetrack, this years Players show already has a head start over most modified car events. A show that really needs no gimmicks, just the cars, the people and the name is needed. Held over the weekend, the Saturday is dominated by the track day, with the main static event and awards on the Sunday.

The curcuit has a vast amount of space for both static and action, the inner perimeter and entrance houses the main event. As a global name, with connections all over the world the demand for participation is high, as the standard of cars seen this year has been very impressive.

Wondering around the enclosures, absorbing in the hallowed spaces and sights really adds to the occasion. Goodwood is very weather sensitive, in the cold and rain the open spaces is harsh and unforgiving but on a perfect day like this, the mild breeze and perfect temperatures becomes part of its charm. Overhearing conversations, chatting about tolerances and camber marks it out as a passionate but chilled environment.

Hardly an inch off the ground, this DKW van prompts a discussion.

No racing on the Sunday, but Forge’s Golf racer looks poised and ready to roar.

The paddocks do provide some relief from the sun and a opportunity to see what is rolling in and out.

Awaiting the gates to open to access the centre of the racetrack.

Race prepared Porsche taking up a prime spot in the paddocks.

Preparation prior to the gates opening.

Hydraulic Mercedes posing near the car park.

A beautifully prepared and finished E30 BMW.

Unlikely but welcome sight of the rarely modified 2CV6.

An example of the legandary 2 door coupe KPGC110 Nissan Skyline.