JAE 2018

The longest running Japanese car show in the UK, the Japanese Auto Extravaganza, has shifted to several venues over the years with this years event being held at the spacious East of England showground in Peterbrough.

Revolving around the show and shine enclosure, the show caters for both classic and modern Japanese cars. The JDM scene has picked up considerable traction in the last 20 years, with many models firmly established in the mainstream classic car circles but the JAE is particularly welcoming of JDM culture.

With over 70 clubs, as well as fireworks, live music, competitions and cosplay, the event is held over a 3 day period. The original JAE from the 1990’s attracted standard Japanese cars, but the appeal has been widened to attract modified and more modern machinery.

The Datsun 240Z is one of the more recognisable Japanese classic cars, and in recent years numbers have been increasing.

Diverse range of Honda products on display in the Show and Shine arena.

A wide range of Skylines were evident, hundreds of Skylines have been imported over the last 20 years. Not bad for a car that was last officially imported by Nissan in 1997.

Summer vibes and the iconic Toyota AE86.

Attracting exhibitors from all over, including the Nissan Club Nederland.

The GTR shop presented this replica racer. The original KPGC10 cars were exceptionally successful in Japanese racing series.

This immaculate Suzuki Swift has been transformed to echo the models previous sporting abilities.

This Datsun 140J Violet reflects its illustrious rally heritage.

Other than sports cars, Japan has also become successfully associated with 4X4 vehicles.

A certainty as a future classic, the Mazda 323F has developed a loyal following.