Brightwell Auction

The well known Auction house held its Classic and Vintage auction at Bicester Hertiage’s iconic venue, with a wide array of classic cars. Reallyloud took a day trip to the site, during the pre auction viewing day to capture and enjoy the occasion.

This 1977 Alfa Alfetta is thought to be one of 3 on the UK roads, and only has 25,000 mile on the clock. It sold for £6,720.

An impressive array of well finished cars, the majority of post war cars were sold.

Pre war historic race cars attracted a lot of attention, the 1930 Fraser Nash onthe left sold for over £200,000.

This 1929 Lea Francis has spent much of the last 50 years in storage, it was reauctioned after the death of the last owner, who sadly only enjoyed the car once. Originally costing £225, it sold for £11,200.

A completely original unrestored Chevrolet Corvair was owned by the same owner for 42 years and came with a stack of paperwork and a spare engine but remained unsold.

This 1974 MGB was a evaluation model of a possible tie up between BL and Aston Martin. The original car was actually a GT that had been involved in an accident, so the remains where rebuilt with some major modifications. The car remained unsold.

It’s quite true. This one has only covered 1000 miles since 1974, having only seen two owners in its lifetime. Sold for a reasonable £15,120.

A Volvo Amazon heads up a line of prewar machinery. This car is ripe as a historic rally car. Sold for £7,280.

This 3 litre 1924 Peugeot was a rolling chassis with huge potential for a multiple of body shell proposals. Sold for £6,440.

One of twelve classic Jaguars up for grabs, reflecting on the brands universal popularity.