London Classic Car Show

Held at Excel in the heart of Londons Docklands, the event brings a wide variety of classic cars to London, with manufacturers, auction houses and clubs representing dozens of brands. The main draw of the event is the Grand Avenue runway show, in which there are parades of cars gliding their way along the public lined indoor road.

In addition to the unique avenue feature, several anniversaries are being celebrated this year with 60 years of the Mini (as well as 50 years of the Italian Job film), 50 years of the Ford Capri and both the centenary of Bentley and Citroen, who displayed an impressive stand reminicent of a motorshow stand. Other exhibits included a collection of historical aero engines, a historic motorsport area and a live show stage.

One of the best known cars in the world started the event.

A fine display of iconic Citroens stretching over a 80 year period.

Octane Magazine also hosted an impressive crowd pleasing stand celebrating 50 years of the Italian Job film.

The Grand Avenue runway show is a novel attraction which stands out amongst the usual classic car show.

Either side of the Grand avenue are dozens of car clubs and auction houses.

A few rare delights were seen at the event, including this restored Alfasud Sprint.

Part of a private collection, this Toyota 2000 GT is unique in the UK.

The are strict speed limited in the show. Unfortunately.

The first major classic car event of the year celebrates 60 years of the Mini.

A perfect opportunity to enjoy the day from the best seats in the house.