Silverstone Classic preview

Ahuge event in the motoring calendar, the preview day is a taster of the type cars that will be raced and displayed at the event, with opportunities for competitors to test their cars.

Several brands celebrate milestones this year, with both Bentley and Citroen commemorating 100 years of car production as well as 50 years of the Ford Capri and 60 years of the Mini. While the days activities are contained to the National paddock, with drivers enjoying the facilities and iconic track.

Final tuning for a practice run, several ’60s Minis were attending the preview day.

Variation on a theme, this low drag Jaguar E-type completed several laps of practice runs.

This signal yellow Capri has only ever had two owners, and probably rates as one of the best Mark 3 Ford Capris in the UK. It was part of a Capri display in front of the paddock.

Formula One cars were also given the oppotunity to run wild.

Feedback and driver notes exchanged.

Top end racing cars suggests an almost bottomless budget.

The event is open to all types of cars, from every era.

Two mid ’20s Bentleys cooling off after a several laps.

Historic tin top HSCC racers from the ’60s are one of the more popular events.

The preview day wasn’t without incident, this Falcon returned to the paddock on the back of a recovery truck – fortunately the damage was mimimal.