Sunday Scramble

The second of several Scrambles of the year, Bicester Heritage marks the annual ‘Drive it’ day with their celebration and get together of their Sunday Scramble. Hosted within the former RAF base, much of the architecture has been preserved, with the famous aircraft hangers playing an intergral part of the venues attraction.

Held on a dry but still chilly spring day, the car attendance was typically eclectic, with both the technical area and the airfield displaying a wide range of cars dating from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Maintaining it’s unpredictable element of surprise on what cars do turn up, the event continous to attract increasing numbers; a fact not lost on the owners of the complex, as plans for further developments and the promise of accomodation have been released.

Still managing to please and delight after 90 years, this Morgan scoots through the crowds.

An impressive number of VW’s now equal the number of Porsches that attend.

A beautifully restored BMC transporter, with authentic Competition crudentials.

Plenty of opportunities to see what cars are being worked by the numerous businesses on site.

The pre 90’s rule is not fixed. This Fiat Coupe is now rare in this condition and warrants the attention.

Hillman Imps inside the huge hanger.

A regular marque to grace the event, this race prepped Jaguar awaits a journey home.

Plenty of opportunties to use the famous hanger doors backdrop.

Porsche have an omni-presence at the event, but consistantly roll out some fascinating examples of the brand.

Well known for its film appearance, this Plymouth Fury was one of dozens of imposing American cars.