Petrolicious have developed an enviable online automotive presence, that has become respected across the motoring world. They have carved a niche and continue to spread their philosphy Take a ride. Entertain your passion. Drive tastefully.

It would only be a matter of time before the brand presented itself in the events calendar and Reallyloud was there for the first gathering at one of the best venues associated with classic cars, Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. While not wishing to conform to the typical static show, the moody and enigmatic backdrop of WWII miltary buildings provides a perfect site for the event. As with any first outing, there’s always going to be an element of suspense and anticipation, after all it’s the public and the cars that make show. The Bicester Heritage event has always attracted the wide selection of cars, so fulfilling that expectation is always going to cause a few sleepless nights for the organisers first show.

The intent of Petrolicious event became clear when this was one of the main cars on display in the sales area. Not only that but the owner was happy for kids to climb in for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Slightly lesser but just as the iconic Mercedes 600 is one of 2,677 built.

Audi UK displayed three examples of their iconic Quattro including this S1 Sport homologated for Group B rallys.

Drive tastefully is Petrolicious’ motto.

Captured late in the day, this Spanish registered Renault 5 Turbo was stunning. Radically different to the original 5, the Turbo is mid engined and delivers over 160bhp to its rear wheels.

It wouldn’t be Bicester Heritage without a brace of Classic Porsches.

Nissan partly due to their motorsports pedigree, have established themselves with several cars that are now recognised as desirable classics.

The Vauxhall XVR engine is so far back from the front, it is technically classified as mid engined. Three cars were produced, including a road going version but this is the only sole survivor.

The iconic Mini with the now scarce 1275GT Clubman brought things back to ground level, the two tone Mini is a replica of Steve McQueens car.

Pert two door sports cars were in abundance at the Petrolicious event, both cars are regulars to Bicester Heritage but fitted in perfectly to the ambiance of the event.