Retro Rides Gathering

The Retro Rides web forum has been active for two decades and has been instrumental in the social and inspirational aspect of classic car modifications and preservation. Retro Rides took over the Goodwood venue for a weekend and as an eagerly anticipated event, did not disappoint. Several car clubs, individuals and organisations displayed their cars, adding to the generally diverse and friendly ambiance. Cars were spread across the whole paddock and enclosures, track action included racing sessions and auto solo events.

As their second outing at Goodwood, not only does it allow visitors to lap up the endulgance and status of the venue, but allows visitors ample space to walk around the cars, particularly a useful aspect for the photographers that attend. The world famous paddock areas, with the rustic enclosures hosts the bigger clubs and notable cars of interest. These areas were offered to an impressive array of machinery including Retropowers iconic cars and Kamazi Playboy array of top notch classic JDM material.

The vibe suits Retro Rides perfectly, the warm spring air, the occasional roar of engine and the hushed chilled conversations rumbling away in the background makes it a great opportunity for new projects and purchases to be viewed for the first time. Retro Rides have been defining the modified UK classic car event since the early 2000’s and continue to set the benchmark of how car shows should be. It’s not just the vast variation of cars, or the setting; it’s the attitude, open mindedness and the slightly tongue in cheek warmth that continues to capture the best grass roots classic and modified car shows in the UK. Character. That’s what Retro Rides is all about.

Members of the ‘Shitluck’ club, the KE30 Toyota Corolla is an Australian import with the imaginative take on the Vauxhall Firenza being a regular at the event.

An absolute treat for JDM fans. Retro Rides are instrumental in attracting retro Japanese cars to the fold, and can easily lay claim to showing the best JDM cars the UK has to offer.

There is an open policy to Retro Rides. Standard, modified, rare or just interesting. Imagination is the key here.

The event also open it’s doors to a number of featured and halo cars, proving the old adage that there is something for everyone here.

Where else on earth will you see a ’70s three wheeled car for disabled people on a racetrack? This is the fabled Hubnut and the worlds most (in)famous Invacar.

Gordon Murrays Ford Escort was part of the always impressive RetroPower stand.

All types of clubs display their cars, with the mix of the traditonal…

…to the aching iconic.

Driftworks were also in attendance, with their Toyota HiLux bodied Mazda MX5 and Toyota AE86.

The well organised event is the first of two major Retro Rides events of the year, with smaller but equally as passionate meets splintered across the calendar.

Another well known car, this brutally effective Volvo is no show queen.

Simple but effective modifcations go a long way and will often make you think about some cars in a new light.

Iconic backdrops provide ample photographic opportunities.

It’s not just speed that attracts the crowds!