Luton Festival of Transport

Organised by the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group, this is another long running classic car event that donates it’s proceeds to local charity. Now in its 28th year, the event offer opportunities for owners to grab an award, presented by Practical Classics Danny Hopkins. Due to the areas connection with Vauxhall, the event is also tied up with the Vauxhall Heritage centre, which opens its doors allowing the public a rare opportunity to view the display.

A free bus service is offered from the Vauxhall Heritage centre to Stockley Park, where the main event is held which featured over a thousand cars, 40 dedicated autojumble stalls and other visitor attractions.

Captured at the Museum, owners were invited to bring their cars, as they were offered the rare treat to the exhibits. This mint Nova GSi is privately owned and triggered off several misty eyed men of a certain age with memories.

The insides of the Vauxhall Museum is filled with items over a 100 year period, covering many aspects of the comapnies history, including documents, photos, drawings, memorabilia, clay mock ups as well as 75 or so working cars.

Historic and retro small commercial vehicles are rare to find these days, given the nature of their lives. This original MK3 Astra van was one of several vans housed by the collection.

At the main event, the park was transformed into a spacious verge full of interesting cars. This DAF 66 has been owned the same owner since he bought it new in 1975.

This tastefully modified MK1 Ford Cortina was sold with the faux wood panelling, echoing the American style.

An example of the wide reach that the show attracts. This recently imported FSO Polonez is a mint example of the budget manufacturers output.

The NSU club had a wide display of their cars at the show, including several of the smaller Prinz models but the Rotary engined Ro80 is their most well known product.

Sister car to the DAF 66, this rebadged Volvo version with added safety components is the result of the company taking over DAF in the mid ’70s.

A regular attendee at the Festival of the Unexceptional, this Fiat 127 was a welcome part of a varied Fiat line up at the event.