Super Scramble

The highlight of the Bicester Heritage calendar, the Super Scramble is its the inaugural event which happens not only to capture the highlights of the Sunday Scrambles but in a bigger fashion. It replaces the previous Flywheel event, but maintains its ability to attract both vintage aviation fans as well as the usual classic car attendees.

As well as the usual attractions visitors to Bicester Heritage have come to expect, the Super Scramble also offered a classic trader village as well as autojumble in the main hanger. A contained curcuit also provided an opportunity for cars to make the most of the runway tarmac. 16 classic car clubs were officially represented at the event, which spanned across much of the main airfield.

Plenty of thoroughbred cars on display, lined up for closer inspection for the visitors.

Bremont Watches have a regular spot at Bicester Heritage.

One of the unique aspects of the venue is the technical area, which always provides interesting viewpoints.

Workshops are left open allowing visitors to have quick peak.

The event caters for both winged and road classics.

The iconic hangers provide an unmistakable backdrop.

Original red brick buildings have been preserved, with many now containing car related businesses.

An opportunity for quick beer and chat.

Some may use the event as opportunity to confirm what their next classic car might be.

Pitch perfect and willing to add a little vocal glamour to the experience.

An impressive array of ’70s BMW flagship models.

No doubt about this cars origins.

Space for modified cars…

…and standard cars too.

Refreshments before the journey home.

A chance to catch up, learn, inspire and listen.

Porsche have a permenant base on site, catering for their historical classic car department.

There are over 8 decades of motoring to absorb.

This unique opportunity to sit in a Bugatti was clearly enjoyed.

A chance for the cars to stretch their legs.