Peugeot Festival

Organised by Peugeot Sport Club UK, the club has grouped together the dozens of the UK Peugeot clubs combining a healthy mix of both modern, retro and classic Peugeots. The event is held at the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire, which provides plenty of live action as well as static displays of the best Peugeots in the UK.

The venue has been hosting the show for a decade, with the usual show & shine and competitions, Reallyloud focused on the older and stand out cars of the day.

This rally prepared Peugeot 404 took advantage of the Hill Climb. The 404 was a competitve rally car in the ’60s and ’70s due to its legendary durability.

The 106 Rallye was a limited run edition, with 1500 being imported between 1997 and 1998. These agile and characteristic cars have had a following since new, and continue to win new fans.

Peugeot early 90’s attempt to create an executive car was marred by its simularity to the excellent 405, but those who chose to buy one rather than the image enhancing German brands were rewarded by its ride and comfort.

A classic in the making, the 406 coupe was a pininfarina design and represents an already good looking Peugeot line up of the ’90s.

This recently imported 104 S was Peugeots entry level car for the ’70s and early ’80s. It combined the typical Peugeot traits for engineering robustness and toughness.

PSA took over the Chrysler Europe division in the late ’70s and inherited a line up of Talbot cars. The Samba was based on the 104, and for a period in the mid ’80s was Talbots best selling car.

Originally concieved as a Talbot design, the 309 was introduced in 1986 and inherited the 205’s excellent driving characteristics.

The iconic Peugeot 205 GTI became the driving benchmark for all Peugeots; something that Peugeot have yet to improve on. This selection of 205’s are limited edition BBC Radio 1 edition cars, celebrating 25 years of the radio station.

A pretty cabriolet version of the mid-market 304 range, these open top cars were one of the few saloon derived open topped cars of the period.

The 304’s replacement was the 305, although the ranges, typically for Peugeot, often overlapped. This is an early S2 facelift car which won a prize at the event.

A highly improbably scene of a Peugeot 504 pick taking part up the hill climb. The pick up truck outlived the saloon by a decade, providing an alternative to the Japanese pick up trucks of the era.

Often known for getting their development of the diesel engine into the mainstream, Peugeot also produced a line of robust V6 engines for their cars. The 505 is better known in estate form, but the saloon in this trim was well regarded in the mid ’80s.