Anew change of venue has presented the well established Rollhard events into what is a new chapter for the modified car event. After the calm serene settings of Cressings, located in between Colchester and Chelmsford ,the hardstanding and open spaces of Bicester Heritage presented the club with a centrally located venue which has created a new level of accessiblity to the brand.

Utilising the iconic Hanger and runway, set in the romantic WW2 era artitecture provided an unmistakeable backdrop to a selection of the very best modified classic, modern and retro cars.

The UK modified scene has diverged in recent years, combining the differing styles and trends often creating iconic cars. Photographer Larry Chen turned up in this one off Rolls Royce!

Traditionally Volkswagen, particularly their air cooled vehicles set the precidence with the cal-look; dropped suspension, retaining the patina, with optional engine conversions and interior personalisation completing the look.

As result this highly popular look has not only just been transfered to the altogether different water cooled VW’s but also across the whole of the car spectrum.

In recent years the popularity of Japanese cars has gathered momentum, not just the achingly cool chrome laden 70’s cars but also the FWD set from more recent years. Like the VW’s, the attraction is similar – reliability combined with credibility, a mix of tunability and a colossal range of iconic wheels to choose from. Japanese culture also plays a huge part in the look.

Fyse’s well travelled and very rare C130 Datsun Laurel has been treated with a complete overhaul and restoration. A man with a vision and ability has created a car to aspire to.

Detailing is everything at Rollhard. Alex’s 1980 Golf not only has a neatly installed VW PD130 Diesel engine, but also utilises Porsche 914 seats.

Bicester Heritage has traditionally always attracted Porsche 911’s, so it was nice to see some appreciation for these nicely treated 924/944.

Rollhards Essex following meant that the Ford contigency was strong. The Escort has a very loyal following, but in recent years the Fiesta has seen a lot of appreciation thanks to its simplicity and low running costs.

The former RAF base also accomodated USAF following decommsioning in 1976. It’s quite possible that cars like this Ford or Buick are no strangers to the personnel of the time.

The presentation of these BMW’s were genuinely head turning. The rotary engined E21 has had a recently applied wrap which has transformed its appeal, with the more recent E36 interior finish being one of the most appealing of the event.