Ultimate Stance

The Ultimate Stance show has become something of a leftfield event in the calendar, held way after the show season and after the clocks have turned back, around 600 cars brave the increasing grimy road conditions to participate. Held at the International Centre in Telford it houses 350 cars inside the building, with the rest being placed in the car park. There is an equal balance of both modern and classic cars, with influences the blurred lines between the scene.

As the show title suggests, the theme revolves around ride height with all sort of methods employed; everything from coilovers to hydraulics and air suspension are on display, providing plenty of inspiration to the thousands of visitors. The main arena also has radio controlled cars, a DJ both, a freestyle BMX display as well as retro arcade and pinball zone as well as the stands, stalls as well as several restaurant areas – appeasing the car enthusiast as well as their families.

Several highlights of the event where the take over stands from Retro Rides, London Cartel and Rollhard. As a one day event, held in an accessible warm venue, the show helps to counterbalance the onset of winter gloom.

Volkswagen have traditional had a huge following wherever the modified scene is evident, and this transfered over to their water cooled cars successfully. The Polo makes an ideal starter ‘Stance’ car, thanks to their durability and mechnical simplicity.

The bigger VW models were also well recieved, brimming full of great ideas and inspiration.

Like any show, it’s always worth roaming the public car parks to what lurks within.

Retro Rides brought in their breadth and passionate with this pleasingly solid selection of cars.

London Cartel take up their reserved hall by a selection of beautifully finished cars.

The appeal covers all age spectrums.

This LowRider Cadillac is a historic reminder on how the ‘slammed’ genre crossed into the mainstream.

This immaculate low mileaged Audi 100 was another surprise at the event.

Nothing is exempt from the touch of the lowering stick.