DD Classics

Daniel Donovan has over four decades of Classic car sales experience, supplying the some of the most iconic and beautiful cars in the world. The company also has a team of skilled restoration specialists, as well as facilities to maintain cars.

Operating from two showrooms, the company can also track specific models for buyers using their global networks. We take a look at their West London showroom, documenting a selection of cars for sale at the time of the article. For further information and stocks, please visit their website http://ddclassics.com/

This 1987 Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake was a based on a Roos Engineering version, the conversion was carried out in 2006. This car was passed over to Sothebys were it sold for just under $100,000.

This LHD 1969 Lamborghini Muira P400 S spent its first few years of life in the South of France, and is particularly unique due to the rare option of using Wild Boar leather hide for its interior. This very original car has been owned by collectors throughout it’s life and has recieved an engin rebuild.

One the later versions of the Lamborghini 400GT 2+2, this example was originally finished in red. These cars were overlooked for a long time, mainly due to Lamborghinis late appearance in the car world, but cars like the Muira has helped level the balance that out considerably. Registered in the UK in 1973, the car actually dates from 1967.

A game changer for Lamborghini, the Countach thrust the company into the supercar category. Launched during the fuel crisis, the car remained in production until 1989, with 1,983 examples produced over it’s 16 year production run. This LHD 5000 S dates from 1984, and has just 37,600 miles on the clock.

Something of a sleeper classic, the De Tomaso Longchamp GTS, is one of a long line of Italian styled cars powered by an American engine. The robust simplicity and impressive power output of the Ford 335 engine is well suited to the car. This example is an early S1 example from 1974.

An original UK car, having been sold new in 1973 by Park Lane BMW. This BMW 3.0 CSL is one of the more sought after versions of BMW’s flagship coupe models, thanks to its impressive motorsports pedigree. This car has had a charmed life, picking up awards due to its immaculate history and ownership profile.