Sunday Scramble

The first Sunday Scramble of the year at Bicester Heritage is always an eagerly anticipated event. As a good way to introduce the new year without a hangover, the now famous venue opens its doors to pre ’90s classics to enjoy the relaxed ambiance and impressive variety of machinery.

As a regular visitor, the venue still surprises and the continous array of different cars at each meet displays is a boon for the visitor. The venue is subject to expansion in the future which hopefully promises to retain it’s hushed intimacy without loosing its character and vibe.

One of the best things about the event are the unique photo opportunities.

Porsches are ubiquitous at Bicester Heritage but they still manage to draw thw crowds…

…but also brings up some superb bread and butter material.

There’s no restrictions for creativity.

Quintessentially English, the overcast skys and muted light suit the drab colouring and demure of the cars.