Trade Classics

Trade Classics are an online Classic Car Auction website. Aimed to take the pain out of buying or selling a car, avoiding hanglers, tyre kickers and aiming to find the right buyer or seller for your car, Trade Classics represent a quality bespoke service who help to take the stress out of buying a car.

Typically to fulfil the critera of selling a car, there would be an unlimited amount of detailed shot and a comprehensive videos of each car, including a chat with the owner and cold engine starts as well as a series of detailed condtion videos of the exterior, interior, engine and underside of the car. Furthermore, you learn more about the car ownership profile, and an opportunity to ‘meet the owner’ before you commit. Trade Classics has been created by genuine enthusiasts who have a team of dedicated team of professional and talented car photographers and each car is assigned a webpage, which also contains a detailed review of its paperwork, history and servicing records. Have a look at their website if you’re thinking of selling or buying a classic car, then Trade Classics could be the way for you. These are select examples of my beauty shots taken on behalf of the company.