1984 Lancia Beta 2000 i. e.

The original Beta coupe was launched in 1972, with RHD imports arriving two years later. In 1982, the twin-cam 2.0 litre engine acquired fuel injection with a 5 speed gearbox and alloys as standard. Always admired for its stylish frock, which was matched by its talented handling, it helped the brand maintain Lancia’s sporting reputation in the UK, despite falling sales. The press reports of premature corrosion had damaged the company and by the time this late Beta was registered, an all time low of only 2,639 Lancias (of all types) were sold that year. Even the introduction of the Delta HF, Y10 and Thema shortly after the demise of the Beta didn’t help. This example which could well be considered one of the best in the UK, had been owned by the same owner since new until three years ago and it’s condition is a tribute to their meticulous ability to look after the car. It still sports it’s original paintwork and has never been welded. It was listed for sale for a reasonable 10K.