1973 AMC Hornet Sportabout Gucci

One of the more interesting American car producers who were probably best known in the UK for their Pacer. The innovative and creative organisation also included a number of attractive and palatable brands within the group such as Nash, Rambler and the original Jeep Cherokee which were well suited to Europeans markets. Further developments resulted in an Austin tie up and a major Renault collaboration. The Hornet was an early ‘70s compact car in the same vein as the Ford Maverick and Chevy Nova, and the platform was to form the basis of several other AMC models. The Sportabout is the estate version, but more interestingly is the tie up with Fashion house Gucci. While it’s not much more than a trim package, the Gucci’s unique paint and colour treatment were significant enough for it to establish a future connection with several other fashion houses in other AMC cars. The company was swallowed up by Chrysler, but not before the company officially imported cars into the UK from 1975 to 1977. Very few of those UK cars are thought to still exist as import numbers would have been tiny in the first place. This car had been originally imported into the UK in 1989 and has been returned back to the road after being unused for two decades.