Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro was something of a revolution for Audi, having previously been known for technically advanced but conservative family cars. The combination of a turbocharged engine placed as far forward as possible combined with all-wheel-drive within a large practical coupe body helped Audi to rewrite the handling book. Typically, It suffered from turbo-lag somewhat but the novelty of its blistering acceleration, front-heavy nose yet a superb grip to the road contributed to a unique driving experience. RHD version finally appeared in 1982, by which it had started an enviable career in rally sports. The car continued to be developed by Audi, pushing up the power and taming the unresolved characteristics culminating in the final torquey 1989 20V model, which could be considered one of the greatest cars of the ‘80s. Audi UK presented a selection of Quattro at the Bicester Heritage Petrolicious Drivers Meeting in 2019.

An early RHD version of the Quattro, first imports arrived in 1981.

The Quattros rally pedigree was established from the start.

The Audi Sport Quattro S1 was capable of producing 500bhp.

This particular car was raced by Walter Rohrl in 1985.

These three incarnations of the Audi are part of the Audi Heritage collection.

The last version of the Quattro, released in 1989 was considered one the best of the decade.

Replicas of the S1 sell in the excess of 100K.

The serene Bicester Heritage background provides many photographic opportunities.

Road versions of the S1 were also sold and are highly desirable today.