Nissan Commercial vehicles in Corfu

A selection of Nissan ‘working girls’ from an excursion to Corfu about 10 years ago. Commercial vehicles seem to have a longer life span out there, perhaps due to tax break or clause which enables trade vehicles cheaper incentives. Not surprisingly Japanese vehicles seem to dominate this area, my week stay unearthed several unexpected delights, which tested the limits of my partner’s patience’s but filled my Digital camera memory card with plenty of fascinating tat.

Datsun 520, based on the 410 Bluebird. Circa mid-’60s.

Datsun 521 facelifted 520, circa the early ‘70s.

140 Nissan Junior circa mid-’70s.

Datsun 620 circa the late ‘70s.

Datsun 720 circa the early ‘80s.

B120 Datsun Sunny pick up circa early ‘80s.

B122 Nissan Sunny pick up circa the early ‘90s.

C20 Nissan Vanette circa the early ‘80s.

GC120 Nissan Vanette Largo circa mid ‘80s.

E23 Nissan Caravan circa mid-’80s.