1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

If you’ve come across one of these, there’s no doubt you’ll never confuse the MK8 with anything else on this planet. Unique in every way, with an interior design to match the opulence and presence of the exterior styling.

The U shaped dashboard with a message centre and keypad activated locks was an opportunity for Ford to showcase their technology perhaps in the same fashion as the Lexus SC400 managed to do.

The V8 engine was without any real sporting ability but appealed to a small customer base that enjoyed the experience of a land yacht.

It was also the last of the Lincoln V8 coupes, signalling the end of a long tradition of excessively styled American coupes.

This was captured at Radwood, at their inaugural UK event to celebrate all that is great about the ‘80s. The owner had driven 400 miles from Newcastle to Goodwood to attend, having previously used it as a daily driver both in the UK and in Germany. Truly epic.