Owner Profile – Minesh Pattni

I was recently asked how have I managed to stay sane during the past year? I simply said I’ve submerged myself in classic cars. It almost certainly a psychological disorder, but it’s become a very welcome distraction this year, where I have focused even more energy than usual on car-related activities. There’s something hugely addictive about owning a classic car too. It stems from a long term passion and interest connected to memories and experiences. This is where @minesh.pattni comes in, we met last year in his uncles Datsun 180B coupe. That was an instant connection, but when I found out that he also has a passion for German and Italian cars, I felt we had much to discuss. In July there was a window of opportunity as the government relaxed the laws to allow people to meet outside, so I used that chance to visit a few people with impressive car collections. It was great to have a face to face chat again with ‘carfolk’ with a shared passion, something that will hopefully return next year. Sharper eyed followers might spot the unicorn amongst these cars. A small clue, it’s not the Fiat or Datsun. It is genuine and thought to be unique as an RHD example.

Competitors at the time, the VW Golf GTI’s popularity and dominance in the market meant the Fiat Strada 130TC never stood a chance in the UK.

The potent 1995cc twin-cam ensured it was actually quicker to 0-60 than the Golf and sounded glorious in the process.

Fond memories of Minesh’s 127 Sport prompted him to buy the Strada Abarth. The car is in excellent condition and has benefitted from careful ownership.

However, there is some about the Golf GTI’s purity and ability to do everything perfectly without compromise that makes it a sought after car.

It has been lightly upgraded with non-standard items but putting the car back to stock will not take long. All of Mineshs cars are used and enjoyed, they’re not just ornaments.

A pair of two very special BMW’s, tuned by Alpina. The B9 is based on the 528i, powered by the 3.5-litre version of the M30.

The B9 is the first of the E28 platform Alpinas, and the standard equipment includes wheel and suspension upgrades, along with interior changes. They are capable of reaching 150mph.

The B6 designation was reserved for the E30 325i models and is powered by the same engine as Minesh’s B9.

One of 210 made (and the only RHD example), the E28 is faster, but the lighter E30 is quicker to 0-60.

The Blaupunkt eq stem is a top option for the B6, and adds a little period delight to the car.

Minesh’s love of cars stems from his early days of driving a Datsun. He obtained and restored this example for his uncle.