1973 Fiat 124 Coupe 1800

Developed from the 1967 original, the third facelift coupe model used the 1.8-litre twin-cam engine from the 132. Fiat created several variations based on the 124 platform, all sharing a common value of driving entertainment, with these sports versions excelling in performance, handling and a high level of finishing.

Interestingly Fiat imported three different engine sizes for this generation of 124 Coupes, with even the base 1.4-litre model providing an agreeable amount of urge. This version comes with the optional Cromodora alloys, which go some way into making the car appear more upmarket.

This RHD UK car belongs to a chap well known for his quality restorations, this car is next on the list and all things considered, is in remarkably solid condition and most importantly complete. Rust, not surprisingly, killed many off but a proportionally high number survived into the ’90s, most were inevitably the LHD spiders.