1973 Leyland P76

There is always a good reason for buying a certain type of car, particularly one of a classic variety and a decision often made using the heart rather than your head. The owner of this fine 1973 Leyland P76, Richard has deep Australian connections and took the time, trouble and effort into locating an example of this Holden rival in the UK.

The design itself was doomed from the start, released during an era best known for the fuel crisis, strikes and rushed assembly, the Michelotti-styled car picked up a reputation for being one of Australia’s worst cars.

Parts from Holden, Ford and quite possibly other manufacturers were often fitted from new due to shortages which amplified its high failure rate. Built during the end of the Leyland Australia era, the V8-powered car didn’t find much more than 18,000 homes from 1973 to 1975 and was universally panned at the time.

Over four years, Richard has completely restored the car, which included an interior refit, a rebuilt engine, a custom paint job, a touch of lowering and some American Racing alloys. Faced with a lot of resistance, particularly from homegrown owners, the results are stunning and despite what history suggests, well worth the effort.