• Darren Rungasamy

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Who am I?

A qualified Industrial designer with web, product, car and toy design background. I spend most of my time pursuing creative adventures, with a list of ideas and projects that keep me busy in my spare time.

Cars are my passion, particularly classic cars. As a both a published photographer and writer, my work expresses my passion and interest in both asthetics as well as the facts.

In addition to my work writing and taking photographs for Retro Japanese, Jaguar World, Car and Classic, Tipo and The Automobile, I use my industrial design and graphic design experience to draw and illustrate cars on a commission basis.

My attention to detail and composition lends itself to photography, I work for an online classic car auction company, as well as a classic car event reporter, with several commissioned photo shoots and features back up my increasing portfolio.

As a former Toy Designer and UI/UX Website developer, I have a broad range of skills which also include Wordpress, HTML/CSS and client laison.


Written work

Online and published Classic car articles


Banners, icons and other graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator

Car Illustrations

Photoshop renderings of transportation


Examples of sketchwork and drawings


Hobby and commissioned work

UX/UI Experience

Consulting and Front end design


Working as a team in sprints

Toy Design

Toy inventor and designer